Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthday Gifts

I am officially 30.  A few days ago I thought too hard about it and decided that I was going to start celebrating my conception instead of my birth, because birthdays are arbitrary and only conception dates are exact in measuring existence (first you don't exist, and then you do, vs. the fact that you existed for 9 months *before* the day you were expelled from the womb, and so forth).  I tried to argue that I had actually turned 30 back last July, and today means absolutely nothing in terms of how long I have existed on this earth.

But no one will let me. The 'happy birthdays' have been coming in since yesterday (told you it was arbitrary) and according to my driver's license I am 30.  So much for that.

In any case, I am celebrating my existence by giving you guys free shit.  You're welcome. (If you wanna give a gift back reviews are nice...)

(Also, apologies for stupid formatting. Nothing wants to cooperate.)

The Red Shoes (Amazon)

Master insists that Angel wear all white as a sign of her purity. She's been living with him for two years, but she remains a virgin until the day she sees a pair of red shoes in a shop window. The shoes are sex and life--she has to have them, no matter how terrible the punishment. She will lose her virginity...but by giving him such an ultimatum, will she also lose the man she loves?
This is an erotic BDSM short. It contains: submission, spanking, deflowering.

Drain Me Dry (Deadly Liaisons #1) (Amazon)

19 year old Jamie has had it with living. He has a terrible job, no friends, and his home life is unbearable. He wants to end it all, but is too frightened to slit his own wrists. Instead he goes to The Victorian, a seedy underground blood den for vampires and their groupies, where he hopes to find an angel of death to end it all for him. Instead he finds Damian, who has much sexier things on his mind than death. Will Jamie succeed in his plan of suicide by vampire, or will he get an unexpected HEA?

The Beauty and the Beast (smashwords)

Kate is "The Beauty," a professional Dominatrix with no time for love. Nathan is a Dom too, known in the community as "The Beast. A dinner invitation leads to much more, and Kate has to tame the beast, or run the chance of being devoured by him. Contains: Adult content, power play, light BDSM.

Saturday Night (smashwords)

When small-town cop Charlie is run off the road he expects an arrest and a slightly more interesting than normal Saturday night. Instead he finds himself handcuffed--with his own cuffs--and bent over the seat of ex-con Jake Miller's truck. Charlie doesn't long as he gets his turn next Saturday. Explicit m/m sex. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Drain Me Dry" Now Free on Amazon

Finally did it. Drain Me Dry has been listed as permanently free on Amazon thanks to their price matching system. Thanks to everyone who bitched at them for being greedy bastards!  (You can also complain to them about the price of "Saturday Night" and "In the Dark" which are also permanently free on Smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon.)

Since this happened (pretty sure it was yesterday) I've seen a huge jump in sales of the sequel, Addicted to the Bite.  This is great news, because it costs $1.49, as opposed to DMD's 99 cents. I'm hoping that over-all, sales will rise across the boards this month.  So, new authors, get something listed permanently free on Amazon if you possibly can. It's a definite boost.  Ask your readers to notify Amazon about a cheaper price.

This is also exciting because "Club Midnight" will be coming out sometime in the next few weeks (probably at the very end of the month).  It's more than 1/2 done.  It will probably be around 20k words long. (So no complaints about length this time!) I plan on releasing it at the $2.99 price, and releasing a compilation of the first 3 stories for $3.99.

Club Midnight is kinda awesome.  There are some great sex scenes, I'm introducing two new characters that will become regulars, and you will get to learn a little about Damian's past.  Jamie-boy is slowly growing up, and growing bold.  Our villain in this story is the Daybreak society, who has opened a kinky sex club to tortures vampires for fun and profit.