Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Porn Redux

Here we go.  This train wreck involves UK store WHSmith and the UK branch of Kobo.  I'm linking to the Daily Mail article on the subject because its a more colorful read than some of the other news sources, and it will best help you muster up proper indignation. (Side note: how can they be "Porn is bad!" and yet go all "Hey look! Celebrity boobs!) Also, Kobo's statement is here. Basically, WHSmith has pulled down its entire website and Kobo UK has pulled all of its self-published titles because of the porn I was complaining about a few months back. They are specifically concerned about the "disgusting porn" like incest, rape, and bestiality. My concern earlier was that the badly written trash was "drowning out" my proper erotica.  Now my "proper erotica" is getting taken out of stores because people are offended by the badly written trash.

I'm on the side of the badly written trash here.

As you know I've recently decided to try my hand at some bestiality erotica of my own. (Out now! Buy it here!)  It isn't porn. There is a plot, a love story, and the good guys win.  I have also written a brother/brother incest piece called "Depression, Love, and Swimming Pools".  It is a drama about family and mental illness and it does indeed have graphic incest sex. So even though my work is well written and well plotted, does my subject matter mean my work will not be reinstated?  Will they decide other, more benign erotica or porn pieces fall into the same category simply because it's graphic sex?

I am not a bad person. I'm a very good person. I don't break the law, I don't hurt people, I donate to charities and I pay my taxes.  Yet I kinda like the idea of some incest and there are instances where bestiality and rape can be a turn on. Are these things wrong in real life? Absolutely. But this is fantasy here.

There is concern that reading or looking at sexual violence will make people go out and start raping babies, but that is not the case. Even if you like to read about it, you're not going to do it unless the inclination was already there. And as for pornography warping the minds of children and teenagers, a child that has been raised up properly will not grow up to be a rapist, no matter what kind of porn it happens to stumble onto.

You cannot punish or hold the creators of these works responsible for what the readers do.  Wanna prevent violent perverts from seeing images that might provoke them to attack? You'll have to remove 95% of entertainment--books, movies, video games, television, music, classic works of art, advertisements, fashion, sports--from society. We can watch Sesame Street or stare at paintings of fruit all fucking day long because those are the only things that will be left.

If it's not offensive it isn't art. And that is the bottom line. If a work of art isn't provoking some sort of emotional response from the reader/viewer/listener is doesn't mean a damn thing. It might as well not exist.  You can't keep us safe from art.  It's supposed to be dangerous.

It's supposed to be dangerous.

Now put my books back on the shelf, because I really need the 70 cents I'm probably going to lose over this fiasco.  I'm poor over here people!

Friday, October 11, 2013

"The Battle of the Dragon Slayer" (Update: Available!)

I feel like it's been forever since I released something. We're switching gears here from gay vampires to lesbian dragon slayers. Yeah, I'm not at all consistent.  I started writing this as a joke reaction to the dinosaur porn chicks, but only a few paragraphs in I knew I had a story that was actually real literature (or as close to real literature as my writing gets) so really I was dead serious when writing this...girl/girl/dragon erotica.

I mean it. It's a sweet coming of age lesbian romance with a climactic scene of filthy dragon sex.

I don't condone IRL bestiality in any way, but this is fiction. It isn't real, so when I say anything goes, I pretty much mean it. If you're into torture gore fests, as long as you're not doing it in real life or supporting those who do, watch all the weird Anime you want.  If incest is what gets you off, don't go having sex with your brother, but by all means read about fictional people who do.  

So yeah. Dragon!sex. I wrote it and I'm not ashamed of it. It's a really good story that happens to contain lots of dragon cock.  I need to sell 12 copies of it to make back what I paid for the cover image. Be a pal. Give it a try.  

The Battle of the Dragon Slayer
Contains graphic f/f/dragon sex.  6,000 word short.

*This title goes live Tuesday*
Available through Smashwords.
Available on Amazon.

The village of Breakwell Mountain has been plagued by a dragon for centuries. Every year a virgin must be sacrificed to save the village from certain doom. This year Adelie turns eighteen and she must draw lots with the other village girls, but Adelie has a secret. Deeply in love with the betrothed Bella, she knows there is no place for her in the small town. She has decided to sacrifice herself to assure Bella's safety, her final loving gesture to a girl who can never love her in return.

The day of the sacrifice a band of gypsies appear, claiming the ability to slay the dragon. Gypsy prostitute Rohesia is a new dragon slayer. She's been training since her youth to do what few can imagine--screwing a dragon into submission before stabbing it through the heart. 

Armed with a sword, a knife, and a big jar of lube, Rohesia and Adelie take on the dragon together.  Adelie discovers there are worse things in the world than losing your virginity to a dragon, and that love, acceptance, kinky sex and happily ever after is only a gypsy caravan away.

The moon rose higher, lighting up the clearing. A figure approached Adelie. It was Rohesia, the gypsy girl. “What are you doing here?” Adelie asked.  “I told you, this is my sacrifice.”

“You’re sacrificing yourself for a woman who doesn't love you.”

“I know.”

“Killing yourself isn't the smartest of options.”

“I can never be happy. I might as well make my life count for something. Now go away.”

“What if I told you that we can slay this dragon and live?”

“I wouldn't believe you. And it wouldn't change a thing. I know what I feel for Bella is unnatural, but slaying a dragon won’t make it go away.”

Rohesia grinned. “No, but you are not unnatural. You aren't the only woman who loves like a man.”

“What?” The dragon disappeared from her mind and Adelie looked at Rohesia with curiosity. “But you lay with men, don’t you? You’re a whore.”

“A whore who also fucks women and slays dragons. Do you want my help or not?” 

Overhead a roar like the rushing ocean announced the dragon’s arrival—a dark splotch in the sky that circled and grew larger—a giant, fire-breathing creature larger than any horse or bull in the village. “We didn't come here by chance you know,” Rohesia said, shouting over the roar as the wind whipped at the wheat field behind her. “Granny heard your village had a dragon problem. She was a dragon slayer when she was young, you see, and so was my mother. Now it’s my turn to take up the sword. To save girls.”

“Girls like me?”

“I have a feeling you won’t need to be saved.”

The dragon was close enough to smell, of brimstone and musk. Its scales gleamed of gold in the moonlight. Adelie was too frightened to move, except to take Rohesia’s hand. “What do we do?”

“Nothing yet. Pretend to be the docile little virgin you think you are. We can’t kill him until he’s in his lair.”

“Why not?”

“You can’t kill a dragon while it’s awake. Everyone knows that.”

“And you expect that we’ll survive long enough for it to fall asleep?”


“Have you done this before?”

“Not even remotely.  Here we go!” The dragon landed with a heavy thud in front of them, it’s tail thwacking the ground....

"The Battle of the Dragon Slayer" is available on Amazon and Smashwords.