Monday, October 13, 2014

New Release: "Snowdrop"

This story is different from what I normally write.  It's got some stuff in it that some readers might not be into, but I've been wanting to write a creepy lesbian version of Snow White for a billion years now, and I finally did it.

Snow White is just a creepy tale in general, as many of the German fairy tales are, especially when you start throwing sexual undertones into it.  This goes back to an earlier version where Snow White (or Snowdrop depending on the translation) ends up hanging out with a group of robbers instead of dwarfs. Not that dwarfs can't be sexy, but that's for another story.

I will spell it out for you here, if not in the Amazon description because god knows they love to censor indie authors: this story does contain creepy dubious consent lesbian vampire sex.  I make no apologies for it--it's just how the tale turned out. It also contains M/F, also not exactly...normal consent but its not non-consent either.  Guys, I don't know what the hell I wrote.  I listed it in fairy tales and horror (note, this is NOT romance), but it's got sex all over the place.  It's 11,700 words long and costs $1.49.

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Description (from Smashwords):
This is a dark/horror/erotic retelling of "Snow White." It contains sexual situations and violence. It is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

 Lavinia married Snowdrop's father for one reason--to take possession of his beautiful daughter. Calling for the death of any man who dares to look at the innocent girl she quickly earns her the name "Blood Queen."

Four years after the wedding Snowdrop has no idea her relationship with her stepmother is anything but normal. Still, she has grown pale and sickly, and has a hard time remembering things. A chance encounter with a robber in the woods forces Snowdrop to look at her stepmother with a critical eye...and she begins to wonder exactly what Lavinia is. Something sinister, and something strong. She realizes escape to her robber's arms is the only way to survive, but Lavinia will not let go of her treasure so easily.

Contains: F/F, M/F, bloodplay, dubcon, defloration.

I just wanted to remind you that I'm publishing under a few other names now. One, Rosalyn Coleman, has just released two historical novellas-- A Pirate's Life and Miss Catherine Stewart's Fortnight of Debauchery.  Pirate's Life is a converted "Pirate's of the Carribean" fanfic I wrote in 2006. Fortnight of Debauchery is about a Regency-era orgy. Check them out along with my other work under the name Rosalyn Coleman.  Almost all of it is available for FREE through Amazon Unlimited.