Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Release! "Another Full Moon: Deadly Liaisons SCD #1"`

Warning: there isnt a single sex scene in this story.  Sorry about that.  My aunt has been bugging me about writing a Detective Nova story, so here it is.  #1 of who knows how many stories. We'll see what happens.

Let me make it quite clear that police procedurals are not my thing. I very much struggle with writing crime-solving, so of course DL has been quite heavy in it.  So why don't I write a story about a cop?

We get into the background of the werewolves in this story & Damian, Jamie-boy, and Simon make cameos.

I wrote this under the assumption that the reader hasn't necessarily read Deadly Liaisons. It's a completely different genre after all. Apologies for any redundant info. This is a 7,000 word short story.

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Detective Julie Nova's life was ruined three years ago when she was bitten by a werewolf. Now she's the lead detective in New Franklin, Pennsylvania's Supernatural Crimes Division. A vamp tramp (someone who enjoys being bitten by vampires) is found ripped to pieces after a full moon. It's up to an exhausted Julie Nova to fight her urges for a snack and a nap, and bring the wolfish killer to justice.

...Will post in the morning. I'm on the wrong computer.