I've been a writing for 17 years and I've been writing erotica for nine. I published my first story at the age of 20, but I haven't been actively pursuing publication until very recently.

About my work:
I love writing fantasy above all else, and I love writing sex. I think character is the most important aspect of a story. If your characters aren't real and personable and interesting, what's the point? I like to write about unusual things, and I try to take characters to new and exciting places. I do write a lot of GLBTQ stories--it's just sort of something I fell into and write well, but I'm all over the board when it comes to sexuality. It's all good.

About me:
I have a degree in English Lit and, as a result, a long history in the food service industry. I'm extremely liberal in all aspects of my life. I'm into multiple fandoms. I own 2 cats. I live in Columbus, Ohio w/ a great guy.

You can follow me on Twitter @leighwilder42 or email me at leighwilder000 @ gmail.com