Free Fiction

I wanna share my work with everyone!  The following stories are FREE on Smashwords.

Drain Me Dry
M/M. Anal. Oral. BDSM. Bloodplay.
19 year old Jamie is depressed and wants to end it all with suicide-by-vampire. Vampire master Damian  has sexier things in mind. First story in an ongoing series.

Addicted to the Bite
Sequel to 'Drain Me Dry.'

F/F.  Anal, oral.
A young butch girl goes home with a woman who wants her to "be her boy." Can also be read as a trans story, I think.

In the Dark
M/F. Oral. Vanilla.
Katrina and Alex don't get along, but that all changes when they get trapped in an elevator. Katrina's claustrophobia kicks in and Alex needs to come up with a...creative way to calm her down.

Fancy and the Mechanical Man
M/F, Steampunk.
Prostitute Fancy gets an exciting new client on a hot summer's day.