Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Create or Die

I will not be content in my place.

I used to work at a "Popular Sub Shop". Not just any "Popular Sub Shop" but the dirtiest, most poorly-run "Popular Sub Shop" known to man. It was filthy. Every employee there did bare minimum, including me, because after 4 years at the dump I had stopped caring.

I am 32 years old. I have a degree.  The store was not where I belonged, except I have problems.  It's called "The Wilder Side" and it is terrible.  My dad's entire family is totally unhinged and I get my worst traits from them. (I'm actually one of the higher functioning ones, and that's not saying much.) I'm extremely introverted.  I don't do well with customers. Or under stress. Or on a phone. I don't do well with anything.  I'm one of those smart people that are too weird to get a real job.

Also no one taught me how to get a real job. I come from a low-income background and I never had the social tools to learn how to work in an office.  I never learned a marketable skill.  My skills are cooking, cleaning, and writing fiction. Office work is a mystery to me, but I suspect I wouldn't like it any more than I liked making food.

I've been making food for people who don't respect me for 16 years.  The manual labor isn't what bothers me. There is pleasure in creation, even if it is a sandwich or a pizza.  There is pleasure in taking something broken or dirty and making it right again.  But this is a country that doesn't respect those who do manual labor.  We're not good enough, not driven enough, lazy, stupid, weak.

This is how my boss felt about me. And he would let me know, in little ways. Offhand comments. His general attitude of not caring.  (He doesn't give benefits, sick days, vacation days, holiday pay; we never even got a 'Happy Birthday' or a 'Merry Christmas' from him.)

I worked an extra shift last week.  I was sad. I'm usually sad.  The last 3 shifts I worked I was crying thru the whole thing. I was too old, too smart to be there. I was worth more and selling myself so short. Every customer was a mountain to overcome.

Someone complained about me. She called me rude. I remember the customer. It was the end of the night and I was trying not to burst into tears on her like I had the last 3 customers, attempting not to drip into the food while I made their sandwiches in front of them.

I tried to explain my malaise. I tried to tell my boss how unfulfilling the job was. How I struggled. He told me to be content in my place.  He called me weird and he compared me to another lifer employee of his, who is in his 50's, not very bright, and is obsessed with roller coasters.  He told me I needed to try harder at being normal because no one respected people who have outbursts.

Try harder.
Be content in my place.

My place is not in his restaurant.  After 5 hours' contemplation I walked out. I locked the door and went home.

For the last 6 months I have been too depressed to write.  You've only seen one new story from me this year (Angel in a Cage), and a handful of lesser stories from my other pen names. (With charming titles like Sex!Zombie and Taken Hard by His Gay Roommate. Okay, the Black Masquerade is pretty damn good actually...)

I want to create. It's all I've ever wanted to do. And I've made great progress here, sharing my writing with the world, but it's not enough.  I can't go back to food service.  My fiance and I talked about it.  I have some money in savings, his job is secure for now, and we decided I should have a go at living the indie life.  I have 3 months to prove I can make a reasonable amount of money without a 'real' job.

Welcome to Day 3 of my Create or Die Summer Tour, or, "let me sell you all the things because I am reckless and crazy."

I'm not begging. I don't want your charity.  I want your business.

I make more money on Kindle Select borrows than on my single under $2.99 titles (most of my titles).  If you have Kindle Select, now is a great time to catch up on my backlist.  If you don't have Kindle Select, it's a pretty good deal and you should get it and catch up on my backlist.  CLICK HERE.  (Note: I only get paid if the borrower reads at least 20% of each title. Read the books. You'll like them.)

If you're a new reader, CLICK HERE for links to free books to get to know me.

I have an Etsy store.  I sell handmade jewelry sourced from natural and vintage materials and I also sell vintage junk.  CLICK HERE to buy my shit on Etsy.  I will also be setting up ebay and bonanza listings. If you want to keep abreast on the cool (or lame) shit I'm selling, follow me on Twitter, Pintrest, and Tumblr.  A blog, Rosie Lea's Curio Cabinet is also up and running as a main hub.

If you don't want to buy any of my stuff but you still wanna help, all of the Amazon links on my site are Associates links. That means if you go to amazon thru my site I'll get 6% of the sales price. Go forth and buy ridiculously expensive things!

If you've read my work in the past but never left a review, please do so!  Reviews sell books. I need to sell books.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support these last few days.  It's been keeping me going.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Birthday Freebies

Normally I plan this birthday shit a few days in advance, but I lost my cat George to diabetes a few days ago and my heart just hasn't been in...anything.  You can never imagine a more perfect cat. Ever. I don't have friends...she was kind of it.  I have another cat but she's a loner type and while there is affection there, I'm not sure one could call it love.  I loved this cat.

Last picture I have of her. This was one of her favorite spots.

Anyway, here's some free shit I've scrounged up for you.  Normally this would be fancier with pictures and whatnot, but I 

Addicted to the Bite (Limited time only!)

Fairy Lights (Limited time only!)

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Release and FREE Story

My muse is not dead, just severely injured.  Winter took its toll on me in a bad way, but after many struggles I present to you, "Angel in a Cage."

Those who know me know I'm not afraid of writing something unusual (Battle of the Dragon Slayer is doing well this month, btw) and this one is definitely up there in the unusual ranks.  "Angel in a Cage" contains a gender-neutral intersexed character and is erotica.  This is a fantasy, mildly steampunk-esque piece and takes place in Karstenhaven, my struggling steampunk universe.  (It's been in my head in some form for about 5 years now but has yet to produce a fully actualized universe. Baby steps.)

So...intersexed character, and also this story involves having sex with a literal angel of the heavenly variety, so if that might rustle your jimmies you might want to skip this one, but I think I handled that in a fairly respectful manner.  I like playing with religion in stories anyway (there's some comments about the 'New Religion' in the Kingless Lands series too).

So, finally, "Angel in a Cage"
Buy it on Amazon
Buy it on Amazon UK

Fancy and the Mechanical Man, my other story set in the Karstenhaven universe, is currently FREE on Smashwords.

Description on Amazon:
Raymond travels to Karstenhaven for one thing only--magic. He finds it in Pandora's auction house, where he buys an angel in a cage. But what does one do with a caged angel? The angel--Cassiel--is vague on the morality of owning an angel and equally vague in their own wants and desires. Cassiel calls Raymond 'Master', but can he really enslave a heavenly being?

This is an 18+ erotica short. It is 7,000 words long. It contains fantasy sex with an intersexed character.

Raymond’s heart pounded as he approached. He placed his palm on Cassiel’s shoulder and let out a breath. The angel’s skin was warm and soft. Raymond let his fingers slide over Cassiel’s delicate collar bones. He moved closer, caressing the angel’s neck and face.

Cassiel closed their eyes and drew in a sharp breath, lips parting slightly. Raymond wanted to devour those lips. So many new feelings, and he was certain they would probably send him to hell. He wanted to push Cassiel on the floor, to touch every inch of skin, to delve into every orifice. He could do it. Cassiel belonged to him. Raymond had every right to possess the angel’s body.

The thought scared him, but he was far from home, family and church--he wasn’t even sure he had seen a church since arriving in Karstenhaven. “Cassiel?” he said in a hoarse whisper. “Am I going to hell for owning you?”

“You did not purchase me with the intent to cause harm.”

“I’m not entirely sure why I did it at all.”

“The auction house is a strange place. I was there for several weeks before they brought my cage out to be sold. I think they were waiting for you. You were meant to buy me tonight.”

“Is there no such thing as free will then?”

“Yes. But fate is its fickle bedmate.”

Another rush of lust at the word ‘bedmate.’ Raymond ran his fingers over Cassiel’s soft lips. “Do angels have sex?”

“I never have.”

“Not once in thirteen billion years?”

Cassiel smiled beneath Raymond’s fingers. “No.”

“But you have to do as I say, right?”

“Do you mean to rape me, Master?”

Raymond winced at the word. “That, I imagine, is a hell-worthy offense.”


Raymond sighed and stepped away from Cassiel. “It’s late. I'm going to bed."

Monday, January 26, 2015

New on Kindle Unlimited!

I'm making more of my backlist available on Kindle Unlimited.  (Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service allowing you to borrow as many books as you'd like for one low monthly payment.)

The titles below are currently available through Kindle Unlimited. (Links are to the US site, but if your country has Kindle Unlimited they're available there too!)

NEW!!! Angel in a Cage

Deadly Liasons Interlude #1: The Punishment
This short takes place directly after book 3 of the DL series. MM

Deadly Liaisons Interlude #2: Promise of Mistletoe
The christmas special for my Deadly Liaisons series. MM

Deadly Liaisons SCD: Another Full Moon
Werewolf detective Julie Nova is on the case in this short crime story. (No sex)

The Dragon's Bride
A young woman is sacrificed to a dragon. Part of the Kingless Lands universe. MF

Arranged marriages are tough, especially with twins involved. The Kingless Lands universe. MMF

Scarlet and the Wolf
An encounter at granny's house changes everything in this retelling of Red Riding Hood. MF

A dark retelling of Snow White. MF, FF

Price to be Paid
A retelling of Rumplestiltskin. MF

Battle of the Dragon Slayer
An unusual way to slay a dragon.  FFM(dragon)

The Summoner and the Satyr
General creature!sex. MF

The Contemporary Collection
Seven of my early stories. Contains MM, MF, and FF

The Red Shoes
BDSM, virginity, and a punishment. MF

Depression, Love, and Swimming Pools
Drama and incest abound in this tale of two brothers. MM

Saturday Night
A cop, an ex-con, and a lonely road. MM

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Release! "Scarlet and the Wolf"

Little Red Riding Hood has always been a disturbing story for me, what with the eating people and claustrophobia of being stuck inside a wolf's stomach.  There are versions of the story where Red and her grandmother are not saved by a passing huntsman, and other versions where the wolf makes Red strip and climb into bed with him before devouring her.

The sexual implication is there, suggesting the story is about predators of a different sort than wild animals.

Anyway, while I would have liked to have written a dark story, it didn't turn out that way at all.  Unlike my last release, Snowdrop, this is a happy story with love and romance and all that, though it may not appear to be so from the start. This one definitely falls into the category of erotica instead of romance.  Enjoy!

Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon UK

Book Description:
Scarlet has always gone after exactly what she wanted, like the rich and powerful Hal Forrester. She gives him everything, and in return...she is tricked away, sent on an errand to Granny Gertie's house instead of waiting at home for his proposal of marriage. The woods are dark and dangerous--girls have gone missing. Scarlet hurries to return to Hal, but a man waits for her at Granny's. He's not like other men...he's not even human. Ochre is seeking a mate, and Scarlet is exactly what he wants.

This short story is M/F shifter erotica. It is 6,000 words long.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Double Release Day!

Merry Christmas!  I wrote a holiday story for you guys.  It's just a short piece (4,000 words) about Jamie-boy throwing a Christmas party that leads to sexytimez. It's 99 cents or free through Kindle Unlimited.

I don't plan on making the entire series available on KU, but this one is because I'm trying to reel in some new readers.  It is written with new readers in mind so there's gonna be a bit of backstory I wouldn't normally give in a new installment. Apologies for that, but the sex scene is pretty fun.

I think I'm going to re-do all the covers.  This new cover is a much cleaner design.

Buy it on Amazon
Buy it on Amazon UK

"Goodenough" is a high fantasy romance based in the Kingless Lands Universe. (Also containing "Barrendack" and "Dragon's Bride.")  It is the first of three inter-connected books.  The first already published books are stand-alone, though "Goodenough" mentions the events in both.

Nore Goodenough is a maid in Barrendack manor, but she has a secret: dragon blood runs in her veins. She is also the last of the Goodenoughs, who once ruled one of the twelve baronies in the Kingless Lands.  Milo Barrendack is not a Barrendack by blood--his mother had an affair with an unknown man.  He is a magician and recognizes the magic within Nore immediately.

Milo takes Nore on as an apprentice, even though she is too old and a woman.  He brings her back to his home which sits on the edge of Goodenough land, now ruled by the wicked Gault (who is planning war against Milo's benefactor, Lord Rockbell).

As Nore's magic (and her love for Milo) blossoms she longs to take control of her lost destiny and take back her family's lost land, but when her chance finally comes will love and duty prevent her from fighting for her home?

This is a 37,000 word novella (yep--a long one!) and will be listed as fantasy romance.  Don't worry though--it still contains graphic sex scenes.

Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon UK

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The First Fruits of Nanowrimo

This has probably been the most productive and least stressful NanoWrimo I've ever done, and I've been at it for about 10 years now.  The first week was rough--I had a crazy work schedule and a cold--but I wrote steadily after that and even though pretty much the whole month was spent playing catch-up, I did well.

I finished 3 stories that had been sitting on my hard drive for forever (one for over a year). I completed one new short story, and wrote parts of 4 others.  I'm very happy with myself right now.

I plan on releasing TWO Leigh Wilder stories this month since I didn't get one last month. The first will be up by the end of the week, the next hopefully before Xmas.

Some of the things I wrote last month are already up.  They are both available through the Kindle Unlimited program for free.  Check out:

Lady Red's BDSM Dating Service #1: Kira and Luce

Under my Rosalyn Coleman name.  It's my first F/M Femdom story and I'm really happy with it. You'll probably like it even if you're not into BDSM because it's pretty romantic. And dont you just adore the logo?

Amazon UK

Alone in the Winter

Pubbed under Dominic Rod. This is a very short piece (2.5k) I started for an anthology last year and never finished. (Bad author!) Well, I finished it, and it's not bad, but there's not a lot of story to it. A nice tidbit of M/M Bear erotica in a historical setting (Canadian fur traders!).

Amazon UK