Thursday, July 31, 2014

Re-release: Depression, Love, & Swimming Pools

I wrote this story in 2012. It was a response to a call for submission from Storm Moon Press, looking for brother-on-brother incest erotica. I did the best I could, writing a story that had a sex scene in it, but definitely defied the over-all tone of most erotica.

They bought it, but the editors wanted me to change the ending. Everyone who read the anthology it appeared in hated it. I have a feeling they didn't have enough quality submissions to publish and they took mine simply because it was coherent. Not that its a bad story. I think it's a very good story. I had BBC's Sherlock and John in my head as I was writing it, and I took a lot of my own emotions (not the incest part, the depression part) and put them into the characters.

But this isn't a happy romance. When the call said incest I automatically knew it couldn't be happy. You will never catch me trying to claim incest is natural, no matter how often I write about it.  Its really not. But this is fiction, not real life, and that means anything can happen. But I wanted it to feel real. I wanted to write about broken characters, and I wanted the most broken part of their relationship to be the start of the healing process.

I don't have this listed under 'erotica' on Amazon, because it isn't.  It isn't a romance either, not really. It is a story of two fucked up brothers trying to be better. There just happens to be incestuous sex in it.

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Cale might be the younger brother, but he is also the rescuer, the one who fixes everything. When he comes home for a visit he finds his brother Derrick floating in the pool their father killed himself in years before, unwilling to leave. Cale confronts his brother's depression head-on while dealing with his own demons, leading them to an unexpected shift in their relationship.  Cale and Derrick will never be the same again...and maybe that's okay.

This piece confronts the topics of suicide, depression, loss, recovery, and incest.  It contains graphic scenes. Not intended for young readers.

This is a 9,000 word short story.  This story was previously published in Storm Moon Press's "Fraternal Devotion" anthology.

Like the Chartreuse Fairy Book, I'm releasing a collection of contemporary erotic tales. These are my early works (mostly pre-Deadly Liaisons) and are kind of motley.  It's $3.49 and contains:

Saturday Night (M/M)
Depression, Love, and Swimming Pools (M/M)
Brian is Gay (and so am I) (M/M)
Boy (F/F)
In the Dark (M/F)
The Beauty and the Beast (M/F)
The Red Shoes (M/F)

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Releases! Fairy Lights/Chartreuse Fairy Book

This is a double announcement.  First off, my new story, Fairy Lights, is out.  This story plays with lots of concepts of folklore from a few hundred years ago.  People who disappeared without a trace were taken by the fairies. Children born with birth defects were actually changelings--fairy children who had replaced the stricken child.

Also available in the collection mentioned below!

Lawry was born...different from others. He is aware he is nothing more than a scientifically explainable defect of nature, like a six or seven-toed cat, but the rest of the world calls him demon, monster...changeling.  When his mother tells him that in fact, his father is a fairy, he finds the whole idea ludicrous. But the eve of the Midsummer Night Ball is upon them, and that night everything changes.  He meets a fairy prince, who promises to take him home.

This is a M/M erotica piece. It is 5,300 words long.

Second, if you want a good deal on my stories, now is your chance.  I'm compiling the following stories into a single $3.49 volume called The Chartreuse Fairy Book.  (This is of course a play on Andrew Lang's colored fairy books.)  It is 30,000 words total, all of the stand-alone fantasy and fairy tale stories I've written so far.
1. Fairy Lights (M/M)
2. Roses White, Roses Red (M/M)
3. Price to be Paid (F/M)
4. Battle of the Dragon Slayer (F/F/M Dragon)
5. Goblin Market (F/F)
6. The Summoner & the Satyr (F/M Satyr)
7. Fancy & the Mechanical Man (F/M)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Release! "Another Full Moon: Deadly Liaisons SCD #1"`

Warning: there isnt a single sex scene in this story.  Sorry about that.  My aunt has been bugging me about writing a Detective Nova story, so here it is.  #1 of who knows how many stories. We'll see what happens.

Let me make it quite clear that police procedurals are not my thing. I very much struggle with writing crime-solving, so of course DL has been quite heavy in it.  So why don't I write a story about a cop?

We get into the background of the werewolves in this story & Damian, Jamie-boy, and Simon make cameos.

I wrote this under the assumption that the reader hasn't necessarily read Deadly Liaisons. It's a completely different genre after all. Apologies for any redundant info. This is a 7,000 word short story.

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Detective Julie Nova's life was ruined three years ago when she was bitten by a werewolf. Now she's the lead detective in New Franklin, Pennsylvania's Supernatural Crimes Division. A vamp tramp (someone who enjoys being bitten by vampires) is found ripped to pieces after a full moon. It's up to an exhausted Julie Nova to fight her urges for a snack and a nap, and bring the wolfish killer to justice.

...Will post in the morning. I'm on the wrong computer.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Release: Deadly Liaisons #5: Daybreak

I swear I did not forget about this series.  This took a long time to write. And I'm very sorry. It's also a little different from the rest of the series because it has a 3rd POV.  I don't know if this will happen again. It might, but it might not. I'm sure you won't really mind.

So! Here it is. It's 24,000 words long, which makes it the longest yet (though not by much) and the most important part--a whole bunch of stuff is on sale this week!

Drain Me Dry--FREE (as always) on Amazon US, and Smashwords.  UK, if you report to Amazon that you got this title free at smashwords that would be awesome--getting this story free in the UK would boost my sales a LOT.

The Punishment--FREE on Smashwords.

Deadly Liaisons Volume 1 (the first 3 stories)--Only $2.99

Bloodlines (book 4)--Only $1.99

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Both Jamie-boy and Damian have been suffering since their break-up, but they are thrown together when a vampire is brutally murdered. Damian is too depressed to care and ready to let the cops deal with it--Jamie-boy is willing to do some investigating on his own. And then there's Lucas, a vamp tramp with a Daybreaker's tattoo on his neck. Whose side is he on? How many people is he willing to hurt to get what he wants? This is a M/M romantica containing explicit sex, rough sex, BDSM, blood play, and violence.

Hot blood thinned with alcohol gushed into Damian’s mouth. He drank deep, not even savoring the intoxicating flavor. He didn’t know the name of the half-dressed young man under him and didn’t particularly care. Just some vamp tramp looking to get in with the vampire in charge. He still wore his t-shirt, his jeans around one ankle. Damian had fucked him hard, the boy coming even as he moaned in pain.
The human was gasping in pleasure now as Damian drank long and deep, the alcohol in the boy’s blood adding to what already coursed through his system. He wasn’t sure he even remembered what sober felt like. It wasn’t a state of being Damian was particularly comfortable with anymore.
He took one last gulp and pulled away, not taking much care and ripping the flesh around the two puncture wounds left by his fangs. The tramp lay on the bed, a smile on his face. He didn’t even notice Damian tucking himself back into his pants and leaving the room, not bothering to shut the door behind him.
Veronica met him at the base of the stairs. “Where’s your friend?”
“Taking a nap,” he answered and walked on.
“That isn’t how the rules are supposed to work,” she called after him, but he ignored her.
The club was overflowing with people. It was Saturday night, winter was setting in. Vampires were fond of winter. Longer nights meant more time on the streets, more chances to find someone tasty to spend the night with. The band that night, The Pack, played heavy death core, and members of their mostly werewolf and human fan-base added to the usual crowd.
Damian sat down at the bar feeling heavy and full. Jilly finished filling two pitchers of beer and sent them off with a pair of vamp tramps before turning her attention to him. “The usual,” he said.
“Your old usual or your new one?” she questioned, giving him a disapproving look. “Because I’m not sure you’ll be able to stand if I put much more booze in you.”
“Just get me a drink.”
“No need to yell,” she huffed and waltzed back down the bar, returning with a wine glass dark with blood. He took a sip. There was barely enough vodka in it to call it a bloody driver. He sighed and sipped at it anyway.
Simon joined him. “The same as he’s having, but triple the alcohol,” he ordered.
“You’re cut off,” Jilly told him.
“You can’t do that. Damian, tell her she can’t do that.”
“She’s the bartender,” Damian said. “She makes the rules.”
“You’re cut off too,” she said.
“You can’t do that. I’m the boss.”
“And I’m the bartender.” She stalked away. Damn, the fledglings were getting uppity lately. Of course, Jilly had more sense than the rest of them combined, so Damian let her get away with it.
Jilly returned with a glass of blood and set it down in front of Simon. “What’s wrong with you tonight anyway?” she demanded of Simon. “I got enough trouble dealing with his drunken ass all the time.” She cocked her head in Damian’s direction.
“Has no one ever told you to respect your elders?” he asked.
“Yeah. But my elders need to give me good reason.”
“It’s November thirteenth.” Simon said, answering her original question.
“So? What does that mean?”
Damian knew. He’d forgotten what day it was, but the date November thirteenth would always be burned into his mind. “The Philly Riot of sixty-four,” he answered for Simon.
“You were there?” she asked Simon, slightly impressed. “I thought all the vampires in that riot were killed.”
“All but two,” Damian said.
“He pulled me out,” Simon told her, sipping on his drink. “I would have stayed and gotten myself killed.”
“His sire was one of the ones killed.” Damian left out the part where she was the one who orchestrated the entire massacre. Fifty-one vampires and a hundred and fourteen humans, all dead.
“I’m very sorry,” she said. “That must be terrible for you.” She reached under the bar and gabbed a bottle of vodka, pouring a generous shot into Simon’s drink. Damian held his glass out, but she ignored it.
“He only knew her for three weeks,” Damian said, annoyed.
“Man, don’t think I won’t fight you,” Simon snapped.
“Boys,” Jilly warned. “If you don’t behave yourselves I’ll cut both of you off for a week. How do you feel about that?”
“I’m in charge,” Damian protested again.
“And I’m…almost in charge,” Simon agreed.
Her long brown ponytail flew around her head and she turned briskly and marched away. Damian watched her make drinks with efficient precision, passing them out and collecting cash. Maybe he needed a new protégé. Simon was all grown up now. He could handle himself in any situation and was as capable of running this town as Damian. Maybe he needed a new project to get him out of this rut. Jilly could be that project…she was cute too, in a bitchy sort of way. Maybe she could be two projects at once.
The phone at the bar rang and Jilly picked up. He watched her entire body language change in an instant, from relaxed and playful to tense and still. Damian was on his feet before he could process what he was seeing, and Simon followed suit, stumbling as he got off his stool and knocking into Damian. What a graceful pair of idiots, Damian thought.
Jilly hung up the phone and waved one of the waitresses over to her. Rachelle took Jilly’s place behind the bar and Jilly walked over to them. “That was Detective Nova. Someone’s killed a vampire.”
“Where?” Damian demanded, but instead of answering him Jilly’s hand shot out to unclip his keys from the belt loop of his jeans. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Driving you,” she answered. She waved at Rachelle, who stepped over to their end of the bar. “He’s cut off,” she said pointing to Simon.

“Fuck it,” he said. “I’m coming too.”

Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Release: The Price to be Paid

See, I did manage an April release.  It's been a busy month. I'm working on two (hopefully) novel-length pieces and putting the finishing edits on DL 5, Daybreak (out mid-May).

This is another fairy tale retelling, and an unusual one, I think. Rumplestiltskin.  I don't think very many people have tried to tackle this from a romantic POV before, but I've given it a shot.  It's a 6,800 word short. The price is 99 cents.

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Dairymaid Kay's life is trial after another, mostly caused by her father's drinking. When he drunkenly brags of her ability to spin straw into gold (she can't even spin wool) he attracts the attention of the cruel king. She has two options. Spin the straw into gold...or off with her head. Fortunately she has some help...but is the price to save her life too high?  This is an adult fairy tale and contains sexual situations.  Short. 6,800 words.

He stopped spinning. Bits of straw fell to the floor. “That’s right. You don’t get something for nothing. Now, what can you offer me?”
Kay looked down helplessly. She wore a plain brown wool dress, darned stockings and dusty boots. She didn’t have so much as a coin or ring on her. “I have nothing. You can have some of the gold,” she said, “Or…the king couldn’t possibly have been serious about making me queen.”
“I don’t see why not. You would look quite regal in a tiara, and the man could do worse.”
Me? Regal? Kay was attractive, but pretty enough to be queen? She chased away the thought, as quickly as it came. Beheading was so permanent, so…dead. Yet marrying the king would be vile. Still, where there was life there was hope, and sooner or later someone would be brave enough to assassinate him. Dead she couldn’t help her family. Living and married to the king, she would never have to worry about them again. Sacrifice. It was all she knew. “When I am queen. I can get you anything you want.”
“I don’t take credit,” he told her. “There is a price to be paid for any service. But there are so many things of greater worth than shiny bits of metal and rock.”
“What do you want?” she cried out in frustration. “I’m just a milkmaid. If there’s anything I have, it’s yours, but I have nothing.”
He gave her a sly look from under his eyelashes. “There is something you can give me.”
“What is it?” she asked.
“A kiss.”
She hesitated. It was an odd request. “Just a kiss?”
“Are you afraid?”
“I’m more afraid of losing my head.”

“Come to me.” Something in his voice seemed to pull her towards him. She didn’t like it. What if he put a spell on her and turned her into a frog? Its just a kiss, she told herself. A kiss to save your life

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birthday Deals!

Today is my birthday and I'm celebrating it by giving you all gifts.  If you want to give me gifts too, I won't say no. I like expensive tea and chocolate, and I like it when people buy my books.

Barrendack  is .99 cents on Amazon today.

The Summoner and the Satyr is FREE on Amazon on 4/21 and 4/22.

Deadly Liaisons Volume 1 (Books 1-3) is 2.99 on Amazon today OR in print for 6.00

Deadly Liaisons: The Punishment is FREE on Smashwords today. (The first book, "Drain Me Dry", is always free.)

Goblin Market is FREE on Smashwords today.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Genre: A Ramble

After months of toil, I'm finally in the home stretch of Deadly Liaisons #5: Daybreak.  It's been a job of work, fighting this story into shape. It is a little different from the rest of the series because I've added a 3rd POV, a necessity for story clarity.  I think it works, but it annoys me that I've done it.

Another thing about this story, and the series as a whole, is the amount of sex. I've been marketing this story as erotica. I feel like I have to because the sex scenes are definitely not vanilla, and surprise!bloodplay isn't on the list of things your average reader wants to see.

So it's not erotica, but there are erotic bits.  And it's not a romance either.  Romances are about people finding each other and falling for them. Damian and Jamie-boy have gone and found each other. The stories are about the ups and downs of their relationship. I tried to keep crime-solving story lines as the driving force, but of course that doesn't happen in Bloodlines and it's all just relationship stuff there.  So I can't call it a crime series either.

And then there is the social bits, where I write about poverty, depression, and abuse.  Yeah. That fits in well with a romantic tale. And since Jamie-boy is only 19/20 in the series, it also falls into the category of New Adult.  Deadly Liaisons defies genre, and I know I'm not helping sales when it comes to this.

When I first started this crazy self-publishing scheme I didn't have much of a plan on what I was going to write.  I had a handful of mainstream, moderately kinky stuff already sitting on my computer, and then I wrote a few more. Drain Me Dry was just a Halloween thing that kinda took on a life of its own.

Paranormal and Fantasy have always been the genres I've been the most drawn to.  As you can see from the last year, my releases have reflected that.  They're also starting to focus more on story, less on sex. I started writing erotica because I'm good at it, and because it seemed like the easiest money maker (I know, I'm terrible) but the longer I'm at this the less I'm interested in sex as the focus of my work.  I still like writing sex, don't get me wrong, but I don't want it to be what the stories are about. "Roses White, Roses Red" didn't even have a sex scene to start with--I just slipped it in before publication to keep things consistent (not that the sex was out of place--it works just fine).

There are only two sex scenes in Daybreak, and neither of them are long and drawn out. (Don't worry, they're still hot.)  There's a lot of drama, and some violence, and lots of other fun stuff (including a flashback!), but it's not erotica.  I hope you guys are still cool with that.