Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Birthday Freebies

Normally I plan this birthday shit a few days in advance, but I lost my cat George to diabetes a few days ago and my heart just hasn't been in...anything.  You can never imagine a more perfect cat. Ever. I don't have friends...she was kind of it.  I have another cat but she's a loner type and while there is affection there, I'm not sure one could call it love.  I loved this cat.

Last picture I have of her. This was one of her favorite spots.

Anyway, here's some free shit I've scrounged up for you.  Normally this would be fancier with pictures and whatnot, but I 

Addicted to the Bite (Limited time only!)

Fairy Lights (Limited time only!)

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Release and FREE Story

My muse is not dead, just severely injured.  Winter took its toll on me in a bad way, but after many struggles I present to you, "Angel in a Cage."

Those who know me know I'm not afraid of writing something unusual (Battle of the Dragon Slayer is doing well this month, btw) and this one is definitely up there in the unusual ranks.  "Angel in a Cage" contains a gender-neutral intersexed character and is erotica.  This is a fantasy, mildly steampunk-esque piece and takes place in Karstenhaven, my struggling steampunk universe.  (It's been in my head in some form for about 5 years now but has yet to produce a fully actualized universe. Baby steps.)

So...intersexed character, and also this story involves having sex with a literal angel of the heavenly variety, so if that might rustle your jimmies you might want to skip this one, but I think I handled that in a fairly respectful manner.  I like playing with religion in stories anyway (there's some comments about the 'New Religion' in the Kingless Lands series too).

So, finally, "Angel in a Cage"
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Fancy and the Mechanical Man, my other story set in the Karstenhaven universe, is currently FREE on Smashwords.

Description on Amazon:
Raymond travels to Karstenhaven for one thing only--magic. He finds it in Pandora's auction house, where he buys an angel in a cage. But what does one do with a caged angel? The angel--Cassiel--is vague on the morality of owning an angel and equally vague in their own wants and desires. Cassiel calls Raymond 'Master', but can he really enslave a heavenly being?

This is an 18+ erotica short. It is 7,000 words long. It contains fantasy sex with an intersexed character.

Raymond’s heart pounded as he approached. He placed his palm on Cassiel’s shoulder and let out a breath. The angel’s skin was warm and soft. Raymond let his fingers slide over Cassiel’s delicate collar bones. He moved closer, caressing the angel’s neck and face.

Cassiel closed their eyes and drew in a sharp breath, lips parting slightly. Raymond wanted to devour those lips. So many new feelings, and he was certain they would probably send him to hell. He wanted to push Cassiel on the floor, to touch every inch of skin, to delve into every orifice. He could do it. Cassiel belonged to him. Raymond had every right to possess the angel’s body.

The thought scared him, but he was far from home, family and church--he wasn’t even sure he had seen a church since arriving in Karstenhaven. “Cassiel?” he said in a hoarse whisper. “Am I going to hell for owning you?”

“You did not purchase me with the intent to cause harm.”

“I’m not entirely sure why I did it at all.”

“The auction house is a strange place. I was there for several weeks before they brought my cage out to be sold. I think they were waiting for you. You were meant to buy me tonight.”

“Is there no such thing as free will then?”

“Yes. But fate is its fickle bedmate.”

Another rush of lust at the word ‘bedmate.’ Raymond ran his fingers over Cassiel’s soft lips. “Do angels have sex?”

“I never have.”

“Not once in thirteen billion years?”

Cassiel smiled beneath Raymond’s fingers. “No.”

“But you have to do as I say, right?”

“Do you mean to rape me, Master?”

Raymond winced at the word. “That, I imagine, is a hell-worthy offense.”


Raymond sighed and stepped away from Cassiel. “It’s late. I'm going to bed."

Monday, January 26, 2015

New on Kindle Unlimited!

I'm making more of my backlist available on Kindle Unlimited.  (Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service allowing you to borrow as many books as you'd like for one low monthly payment.)

The titles below are currently available through Kindle Unlimited. (Links are to the US site, but if your country has Kindle Unlimited they're available there too!)

Deadly Liasons Interlude #1: The Punishment
This short takes place directly after book 3 of the DL series. MM

Deadly Liaisons Interlude #2: Promise of Mistletoe
The christmas special for my Deadly Liaisons series. MM

Deadly Liaisons SCD: Another Full Moon
Werewolf detective Julie Nova is on the case in this short crime story. (No sex)

The Dragon's Bride
A young woman is sacrificed to a dragon. Part of the Kingless Lands universe. MF

Arranged marriages are tough, especially with twins involved. The Kingless Lands universe. MMF

Scarlet and the Wolf
An encounter at granny's house changes everything in this retelling of Red Riding Hood. MF

A dark retelling of Snow White. MF, FF

Price to be Paid
A retelling of Rumplestiltskin. MF

Battle of the Dragon Slayer
An unusual way to slay a dragon.  FFM(dragon)

The Summoner and the Satyr
General creature!sex. MF

The Contemporary Collection
Seven of my early stories. Contains MM, MF, and FF

The Red Shoes
BDSM, virginity, and a punishment. MF

Depression, Love, and Swimming Pools
Drama and incest abound in this tale of two brothers. MM

Saturday Night
A cop, an ex-con, and a lonely road. MM

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Release! "Scarlet and the Wolf"

Little Red Riding Hood has always been a disturbing story for me, what with the eating people and claustrophobia of being stuck inside a wolf's stomach.  There are versions of the story where Red and her grandmother are not saved by a passing huntsman, and other versions where the wolf makes Red strip and climb into bed with him before devouring her.

The sexual implication is there, suggesting the story is about predators of a different sort than wild animals.

Anyway, while I would have liked to have written a dark story, it didn't turn out that way at all.  Unlike my last release, Snowdrop, this is a happy story with love and romance and all that, though it may not appear to be so from the start. This one definitely falls into the category of erotica instead of romance.  Enjoy!

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Book Description:
Scarlet has always gone after exactly what she wanted, like the rich and powerful Hal Forrester. She gives him everything, and in return...she is tricked away, sent on an errand to Granny Gertie's house instead of waiting at home for his proposal of marriage. The woods are dark and dangerous--girls have gone missing. Scarlet hurries to return to Hal, but a man waits for her at Granny's. He's not like other men...he's not even human. Ochre is seeking a mate, and Scarlet is exactly what he wants.

This short story is M/F shifter erotica. It is 6,000 words long.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Double Release Day!

Merry Christmas!  I wrote a holiday story for you guys.  It's just a short piece (4,000 words) about Jamie-boy throwing a Christmas party that leads to sexytimez. It's 99 cents or free through Kindle Unlimited.

I don't plan on making the entire series available on KU, but this one is because I'm trying to reel in some new readers.  It is written with new readers in mind so there's gonna be a bit of backstory I wouldn't normally give in a new installment. Apologies for that, but the sex scene is pretty fun.

I think I'm going to re-do all the covers.  This new cover is a much cleaner design.

Buy it on Amazon
Buy it on Amazon UK

"Goodenough" is a high fantasy romance based in the Kingless Lands Universe. (Also containing "Barrendack" and "Dragon's Bride.")  It is the first of three inter-connected books.  The first already published books are stand-alone, though "Goodenough" mentions the events in both.

Nore Goodenough is a maid in Barrendack manor, but she has a secret: dragon blood runs in her veins. She is also the last of the Goodenoughs, who once ruled one of the twelve baronies in the Kingless Lands.  Milo Barrendack is not a Barrendack by blood--his mother had an affair with an unknown man.  He is a magician and recognizes the magic within Nore immediately.

Milo takes Nore on as an apprentice, even though she is too old and a woman.  He brings her back to his home which sits on the edge of Goodenough land, now ruled by the wicked Gault (who is planning war against Milo's benefactor, Lord Rockbell).

As Nore's magic (and her love for Milo) blossoms she longs to take control of her lost destiny and take back her family's lost land, but when her chance finally comes will love and duty prevent her from fighting for her home?

This is a 37,000 word novella (yep--a long one!) and will be listed as fantasy romance.  Don't worry though--it still contains graphic sex scenes.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The First Fruits of Nanowrimo

This has probably been the most productive and least stressful NanoWrimo I've ever done, and I've been at it for about 10 years now.  The first week was rough--I had a crazy work schedule and a cold--but I wrote steadily after that and even though pretty much the whole month was spent playing catch-up, I did well.

I finished 3 stories that had been sitting on my hard drive for forever (one for over a year). I completed one new short story, and wrote parts of 4 others.  I'm very happy with myself right now.

I plan on releasing TWO Leigh Wilder stories this month since I didn't get one last month. The first will be up by the end of the week, the next hopefully before Xmas.

Some of the things I wrote last month are already up.  They are both available through the Kindle Unlimited program for free.  Check out:

Lady Red's BDSM Dating Service #1: Kira and Luce

Under my Rosalyn Coleman name.  It's my first F/M Femdom story and I'm really happy with it. You'll probably like it even if you're not into BDSM because it's pretty romantic. And dont you just adore the logo?

Amazon UK

Alone in the Winter

Pubbed under Dominic Rod. This is a very short piece (2.5k) I started for an anthology last year and never finished. (Bad author!) Well, I finished it, and it's not bad, but there's not a lot of story to it. A nice tidbit of M/M Bear erotica in a historical setting (Canadian fur traders!).

Amazon UK

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Advice to the New Self-Publisher

A lot of writers new to the self-publishing world come to me for advice on Twitter. This blows me away a little because I don't really think of myself as someone who knows what they're talking about. I have, however, been at this self-publishing thing for over two years now. I'm not making a living at it, but I'm getting there.

So today a tweep asked me for advice and she had a long list of questions. It was easier for me to write a blog post than reply on Twitter, and now you all can benefit. I've never considered writing a how-to book because there's a ton already out there, but if I flesh this out and publish it I can count it in my Nano wordcount...so...that's an idea. :) So, in vague order, here's a bunch of stuff I was asked. It's not a complete guide, at least not yet. Anything else anyone wants to know/have a question about/want to add to, message me on Twitter @leighwilder42. (Don't DM--I never read them.)

Copyright in the United States pertaining to your book: 
 As soon as you’ve put a thought to paper it automatically belongs to you. You do not need to purchase a copyright for your work. In the old days the best way to prove you owned a work was to mail a copy of it to yourself and keep the envelope sealed, the postmark essentially giving you a governmental date stamp. These days our computer files are all encoded with the times they were created and edited, making life much easier for all.

 When you upload a book onto a publisher’s site, the publisher knows which book came first. Amazon also screens incoming books for plagiarism, so if someone tries to rip-off your book they will get caught and have their account deleted. All you have to do to copyright your work is type “Copyright 2014 by Author McAuthorson” on the front page of your work. If you’re writing under a pseudonym you can still use that name if you’d like, or your own.

 Editing your book: 
 There are many many ways to go about this. There are independent editors by the thousands available online. They’re all over Twitter. Prices vary, but its usually at least a couple bucks per page. This can get expensive fast but have no fear! There are other ways. I use http://prowritingaid.com, which has free editing software. You can also try Grammarly, but I can’t vouch for that one. A literate friend with a red pen is also a helpful and free editor.

 Unless you’re clueless and have a graphic-heavy book, there is no need to hire someone else to format your book. I follow the Smashwords Style Guide for all of my books, regardless of where I publish them.

 To sum it up succinctly:
--You need a Microsoft Word document.
 --Center your title, byline, and front matter. If you want to re-size it bigger you can, but no more than 16 pts.
--Insert a page break after your front matter.
--For the body of your work, do not use a space between paragraphs. To indent go to “Paragraph” and set it to indent the first line automatically. DO NOT use the Tab key.
 --Insert page breaks after each chapter.
--You can insert hyperlinks into your front and back matter to link to your other books, social media accounts, and web site.

 And that’s really all there is to it. Piece of cake.

 Stock photos can be had for $20 or less through hundreds of sites. If you’re going to be needing more than one image buying them in bulk is a good idea. I usually spend between $2 and $5 on cover art. If you have a good eye for design you can make your covers yourself for free. I use an online editor called PicMonkey, and an offline editor called Paint.net. Both are free editors. If you have a good stock image and a good font, you can make a good cover for very little money. Fiverr is also a great place to go for cheap covers, usually in the $5 to $30 range.
 DONT use the Amazon Cover creator.
DONT use a photo you took yourself unless you are a professional photographer with professional equipment.
DONT use a font that comes standard on your machine--there are tons of free fonts available for download online. This goes doubly for Comic Sans and Papyrus. Make sure your title is readable on a thumbnail image.

 Where to Sell your Book:
The two big places are Amazon and Smashwords. Smashwords distributes your book to about a dozen online retailers, including Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Sony. You can list your book in both places.

 The accounts are easy to sign up for--you Amazon publishing account links straight to your normal Amazon account. You will need to give both sites your SSN# for tax purposes. They will send you tax forms at the end of the year. It’s a simple process. As for payments both sites will send you checks when you get to a certain threshold. Amazon does direct deposit into your bank account. Smashwords pays via Paypal.

Amazon pays 35% royalties on all ebooks listed for less than $2.99. They pay 70% royalties on books at $2.99 and over. This is why $2.99 is usually a sweet spot for indie writers. You should price your work based on length--shorter stories should cost less.

Smashwords pays at least 50%, but up to 80% depending on a bunch of factors.

Amazon’s Kindle Programs: 
There are a lot of plusses and minuses to the KDP Select program. The biggest minus is that you are not allowed to sell your book anywhere else if it’s enrolled in KDP Select. Amazon wants as much of your profit as it can get its hands on, and forbidding you from using other retailers is one way to do it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use KDP Select. Here are the plus sides:

Five free giveaway days a quarter. This is useful if you have more than one book out. If you give away a book and the reader likes it, they’ll come back for more. If you give a book away but there’s nothing else for them to buy, they will forget you LONG before you get your next book out.

Kindle Unlimited. Basically, Amazon puts a couple million dollars in a pot at the beginning of the month. Readers download your book and if they read at least 10% of your book, you get paid for the download. How much you get paid depends on how much money is in the pot (it goes up every so often) and how many books amazon sold as a whole for the month. Right now authors are getting about $1.50 per download, but we all expect this number to shrink, likely to the point where it’s not lucrative to sign up your book. But right now it is, and you have the option of pulling your book every 3 months. I see Kindle Unlimited ultimately only being useful for any book that would normally be listed for less than $2.99 because of the 35% royalty rule.

About the Author: 
They don’t need your life’s story. Keep it short and sweet. You don’t have to put a picture in the back if you don’t want to, but it cant hurt. Just remember that studio photographs are technically copyrighted by the photographer, even if they are picture’s of you. Ask permission--likely they'll be fine with it as long as you credit them.

A general rule of thumb is DONT PAY FOR REVIEWS. Offer free copies on Goodreads and visit review sites--they’ll have a submission page. You can find hundreds of review sites on Twitter/Facebook.

You should only pay attention to bad reviews if you get a lot of them and they all say the same thing. If every review you get complains about the same plot hole, or the same editing errors, you might need to re-evaluate your book. People give bad reviews over the stupidest things, but it usually boils down to taste. I have gotten several bad reviews because the reader didn’t actually *read* the description and were horrified to discover my books had gay sex in them. People don’t give bad reviews over one or two honest editing mistakes. They give bad reviews to bad books with zero editing. Relax and don’t worry about your reviews. In fact, its probably best to just not read them at all.

Don’t give your book to family and friends to review. They will likely not give an honest one, and that’s not fair to other readers.

Internet Presence and Marketing:
The best way to get your book out there is to be out there. You should be on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. You should have a blog and you should have a mailing list. You should not use these things to publish ads about your books non-stop. Yes, plug your book. Once or twice a day. Don’t flood your followers feeds with advertisements. CONTENT is key. Post about normal everyday things on Twitter and Facebook. INTERACT with your followers. Make friends.

As for Blog content, you need a theme based on the genre you write in, and blog about those things. Comment on news stories related to your books, review books of the same genre (but don’t give bad reviews--authors who badmouth other authors get into all kinds of trouble). If you write sex stories talk about sex. If you write murder mysteries talk about murder. You can post microfiction. You can simply talk about your life. Talk about writing, about publishing, about reading.

As for paying for advertising, I'm not a fan, personally. I'm sure it works for some people. Participating in blog tours are a good idea, though I've never done it. I think the review sites are gonna be your best bet for getting out there.

Avoiding Scams:
Really the biggest scam is that there are hundreds of companies out there charging for things you can do yourself. If you have money to spend on your book spend it on an editor and cover design. Make sure you do your research. If their website looks tacky, don’t trust them. If they promise big success, it will probably be a let-down.


So...that's nowhere near everything there is to know about self-publishing.  I think I will write that how-to.  It'll be called, "How to Publish your Book for Nothing."  Sure to be a best-seller.