Monday, December 31, 2012

Coming Soon!

The people have spoken, and they have demanded more Damian & Jamie-boy.  Well, ask and you shall receive.  The sequel to "Drain Me Dry" will be out sometime in the next few weeks.  It is currently in the editing process.  It is a 12,000ish word crime and sex drama called "Addicted to the Bite."  As you can see to the left, "Drain Me Dry" has gotten a cover update to reflect the series, yes SERIES, Deadly Liaisons.  Book 3, tentatively titled "Daybreak" will be out sometime in the spring, or as soon as I figure out what it is about and write it.

In "Addicted to the Bite" Jamie-boy decides he needs more sex and violence, and goes looking for it at the popular vampire night club, Sanguine Moon. He finds Damian there, but the vampire is a little too preoccupied with a series of dead bodies and a persistent cop to find the time to give to the needy teenager.  If Damian can't give him what he wants, Jamie-boy is going to get it somewhere else.

Contains: m/m, masturbation, blood play, oral sex, anal sex.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Story: The Beauty and the Beast

This story is a little hard to label. Technically it is not BDSM--but it is.  Yeah.  Sort of. It's sex, just read it!

(also available everywhere else on amazon, just do a search for me)

The Beauty is a dominant...but so is the Beast. Nathan invites Kate to dinner with one thought in mind--to ask her to marry him.  Their like personalities struggle for control.  Will the beast be tamed, or will the beauty be devoured?

Short story. 4300 words.  M/F, explicit sex, power exchange, very light bondage.

A funny note about this story--I named the characters Kate and Richard, not even thinking that those were the names of the main characters of Castle.  Clearly my inner fanfic writer is trying to tell me something.  (Castle and Beckett are begging for a kinky fanfic treatment.)  So of course I changed the name to Nathan.  :)