Monday, May 6, 2013

Positive Review: Addicted to the Bite

BDSM Book Reviews gave "Addicted to the Bite" a 4/5. I'm very pleased. :)  Here's a link if you're still on the wall about buying it:

And to the reviewer, Naamah--wait until you read Club Midnight!

"Club Midnight", incidentally, will be out around the 15th.  I know I said April and I am so sorry about the lateness.  I dug myself into a pretty deep plot hole that took some re-writing. I'm coming close to the end though.  I really, really like what I've written so far. It's better than "Addicted to the Bite."  The story line is good, the character interaction excellent, and the sex scenes are awesome.

Likely there will be a print collection of the first three stories.  It will be a small book--about 150 pages (40,000 words).  As a result the price will be as low as I can make it while still turning a profit.  It will be less than $7.  There's a print market out there that I need to take advantage of after all, and I really like the idea of a physical copy of Deadly Liaisons.  Autographed copies, fancy bookmarks and all that fun stuff will be available.

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