Saturday, November 30, 2013

A List of Writers

Here is a list of writers that have inspired me over my nearly 20 years as a writer.  Some of them are on the list because of how they write, or what they write.  Some are on the list because of who they are and what they've done.  (Example: I dont like Stephen King's novels, but On Writing is the best book about writing I've ever read.) I even managed a poet in each list. (Very proud of myself for that.)

As a Kid:
Robin McKinley
Christopher Pike
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Joss Whedon (yes, tv writers count)
Paul Zindel
L. M. Montgomery
Nellie Bly (19th century journalist--I was a historical kid)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
M. E. Kerr
Judy Blume
Margaret Mahy
Patricia McLaughlin
Shel Silverstein
Terry Windling

As an Adult:
Jane Austen
Neil Gaiman
William Shakespeare
Kate Chopin
Charles de Lint
Warren Ellis
Stephen King
J K Rowling
Alan Moore
Stephanie Meyer & E L James (They proved to me that if their shit can make money, mine can too, and inspired me to seek publication.)


  1. Your kid list: Laura Ingalls Wilder, LM Montgomery - me toooo
    Your adult list: Gaiman, Shakespeare and Rowling - me tooooo

    When I graduated from college, my graduation present from my family was a road trip to De Smet, SD where Laura Ingalls grew up and got married.
    And I read ALL of LM Montgomery's books that I could get my hands on...I think my favorite of all is Rilla of Ingleside, and the Emily books.

  2. I really liked Rilla too. I want to do a Laura Ingalls road tip some day and hit all the spots she lived.