Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Release: The Book Witch

I have finished a new project. It's the end times: I hope you've made your peace with your maker.  Anyway!

"The Book Witch" is the first story in a new contemporary fantasy series set in a fictional neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, where pretty much anything can and will happen.  We've got talking cats, magic bookstores, demons in the attic and more.

Bookstore clerk Kat has one magic power--she can hear, smell, and taste books. She puts her skill to work in The Book Witch, finding just the right books for her customers, and sometimes she even finds the one book in the world that completes them--their favorite book. 

When she meets Owen and touches his hand, he smells like paper and ink. She tastes cinnamon and pecans. She has never found her favorite book--but she knew it would taste and smell and feel just like him.

Her magical synesthesia has never reacted to a person before, and she knows immediately that he's something special to her. But Own doesn't believe in magic. At least, not yet.

Contemporary fantasy romance. This is a 12,000-word novelette.

Also, in case anyone has missed it, I released a story under my Rosalyn Coleman name a few weeks ago too.  It's M/M/M/M regency erotica: Three Rakes and a Secretary.  

Mr. Felix Carlisle lives a quiet life as an assistant secretary for a duke...until he meets the Duke's son. The Marquess of Drakewell is handsome, masculine, and instantly attracted to the slightly built, effeminate Felix. Felix is quickly whisked away to the country home of the Earl of Ashart where he learns that he is going to be the party's entertainment. Drakewell is compelling, Ashart kind and beautiful. Felix is even willing to do favors for the repugnant Lord Moore in exchange for their attentions. 

For the first time in his life Felix feels wanted, but it isn't enough and circumstances soon test his willpower. How much can he put up with from this party of rakes? Will any of them give him what he really wants? 

This is a 18+ erotica novella. It contains m/m/m/m sex, one instance of dubcon & light bondge. 
15,000 words.

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