Friday, September 21, 2012

Upcoming Stories

Next month will be an exciting time.

I plan to release a BDSM novella, Freedom in Chains, sometime mid-month.  It will be around 30,000 words and feature sex in almost every chapter.  The story revolves around a television actress, Miranda Noble, whose career is on the line after some nude (and kinky) pictures are leaked onto the internet.  Her body guard and friend Connor sees the pictures and discovers that she's just like him.  He stages a fake kidnapping to pull her out of her unhappy situation to offer her a life of pleasure and pain.  Miranda is a safe-word away from going back to Hollywood and her career, but does she want to?

Also, just in time for Halloween, I'm planning on a short story called Drain Me Dry, about a young gay man's attempt at suicide by vampire, which fails horribly when he falls for his would-be murderer instead.

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