Monday, December 31, 2012

Coming Soon!

The people have spoken, and they have demanded more Damian & Jamie-boy.  Well, ask and you shall receive.  The sequel to "Drain Me Dry" will be out sometime in the next few weeks.  It is currently in the editing process.  It is a 12,000ish word crime and sex drama called "Addicted to the Bite."  As you can see to the left, "Drain Me Dry" has gotten a cover update to reflect the series, yes SERIES, Deadly Liaisons.  Book 3, tentatively titled "Daybreak" will be out sometime in the spring, or as soon as I figure out what it is about and write it.

In "Addicted to the Bite" Jamie-boy decides he needs more sex and violence, and goes looking for it at the popular vampire night club, Sanguine Moon. He finds Damian there, but the vampire is a little too preoccupied with a series of dead bodies and a persistent cop to find the time to give to the needy teenager.  If Damian can't give him what he wants, Jamie-boy is going to get it somewhere else.

Contains: m/m, masturbation, blood play, oral sex, anal sex.

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