Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Release: Addicted to the Bite

To be released 1/21/13, "Addicted to the Bite" is the long-awaited (well, 3 months awaited) sequel to "Drain Me Dry."

After a night of passion Jamie-boy has decided he prefers the seductive bite of master vampire Damian to suicide, and begins to pursue him.  Damian is distracted by a murderer leaving bodies all over his town and on top of it, werewolf cop Detective Julie Nova is keen on harassing him.  He doesn't want Jamie-boy pulled into the middle of the mess, yet it is so very hard to stay away.

Jamie-boy wants a night of blood and passion, and if Damian won't give it to him, someone else will.

"Addicted to the Bite" is a 13,000 word erotic novelette (almost twice as long as "Drain Me Dry")  It involves m/m, blood play, sexual violence.

If you haven't read "Drain Me Dry" it will be free on Amazon 1/21 and 1/22. Link HERE.

Buy "Addicted to the Bite" right HERE.

From "Addicted to the Bite":

Damian’s eyes flew open at the piercing scream of a woman, and the surprised yelp of Jamie-boy beside him. He was getting very sick of being woken up abruptly. Midnight Star stood in the doorway with her broom and dustpan, on time for work just as he requested. Jamie-boy clung naked to Damian, the sheet falling away to reveal his nudity.

Jilly was right behind her. “Why are you screaming now—oh. Good morning, sir.”

Wonderful. “Good morning Jilly,” he said. Would he ever get to sleep again?

The two young vampires hovered in the doorway. “Um,” Jilly said, “does this mean we get another bribe?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he snapped. “I always sleep with naked teenage boys. Get out please.” Jilly gave a nod and pulled Midnight Star behind her. As soon as the door closed Damian heard both girls giggling. He fell back on the pillows and stared up at the ceiling. Jamie-boy crawled into his arms. 

“You came back.”

“Yes, well, you looked cold.”

“Damian, do you like me?”

He sighed. Teenagers. “I want to possess you. It’s not the same thing.”

“It’s kind of better, isn’t it?”

“Not if you have any sense.” He knew he should get up and leave, but instead he held Jamie-boy close, breathing in the smell of young man. His cock began to stir, but he was so exhausted…

Jamie-boy twisted in his arms to face him. “I’m not dumb. I just want you.”

I want you too. “You don’t want to be a vamp tramp. Go live your life in the sun. Don’t get swallowed up by a world you can’t even begin to understand.”

“It’s not any better out there,” Jamie-boy insisted. “I need you.” He pressed his lips against Damian’s neck, and the vampire took in a sharp breath. Oh, if he were a lesser man. Jamie-boy kissed his way up to Damian’s mouth, and there he gave in. A moaning growl rumbled in his throat as he captured the young man’s lips, forcing his mouth open with his tongue, invading the warm cavern.

Jamie-boy kissed with an unpracticed eagerness, his tongue exploring, tasting, learning. The excitement of discovery, Damian loved this about young men. He couldn’t remember what it felt like to be young, but he could still watch and participate. He wanted to take them, teach and mold them, and in exchange, they worshipped him. It had been quite a while since he had taken on a lover that lasted more than one night. Attachments were weaknesses that could be exploited—he was the authority of the entire city—but it had been so long since he had let himself care.

Jamie-boy pulled at Damian’s tie, wanting to undress him, but that was not what Damian had in mind. He grabbed at Jamie and forced his hands down. “Behave,” he said.

“But I want—”

“I’m not here to give you what you want,” Damian said.

Damian studied his young lover. Pale, slight of build. Not someone who exercised much. The bruises he had received at the hands of his father had almost faded, and except for the healing bite mark on the inside of his thigh, the cuts from Damian’s knife were all but gone. He would have to make new ones sometime.

Jamie-boy could be attractive if you looked at him the right way. At the moment he looked like a dog that was used to being beaten. His dark hair fell across his forehead, long lashes rested on his cheeks when he closed his eyes. Everything about him was small.

Damian pushed Jamie-boy down on the bed. He slid a flat palm across his torso, feeling every rib through his skin. He traced around his navel, danced his fingers across the bite on his thigh. Once it scarred over Jamie-boy would have a permanent reminder of the night he tried to kill himself, and found Damian instead.

Jamie-boy quivered under his touch. His lips parted in a soft moan…oh to be so young…Damian wrapped his hand around Jamie-boy’s small cock. It did not fill his palm even as it grew hard. Jamie-boy arched into his hand, and Damian bent over to kiss him…

Somewhere in his jacket pocket Damian’s phone screamed at him. “God fucking dammit,” he swore, pulling away. What a terrible week.

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