Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dear UK & Germany...

Hello. This is a request for help with price matching.  For quite a few months Drain Me Dry was free on Amazon's UK and Germany sites. Overseas sales were exploding. Or, at the very least, flowing nicely.  Last month, however, the story's price was adjusted back to full price, and my sales have suffered.

The only way I can get the price switched back to free is if several people report a lower price to Amazon. My hands are tied in the matter. (Is this a good time to rant about how Amazon screws itself out of money by screwing me?)

So, if you shop on the .uk or .de and can help, all you have to do is go to the book's page on Amazon and scroll down to the "Tell us about a lower price" in the product details section of the page.  Tell them you can get the book at Smashwords for free.

Here are the pertinent links:

Amazon UK
Amazon  DE


This is a great way to help support someone in need (Me) and give the gift of free gay vampire sex to everyone worldwide, all without paying a cent.  Go on. Give.

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