Friday, December 12, 2014

Double Release Day!

Merry Christmas!  I wrote a holiday story for you guys.  It's just a short piece (4,000 words) about Jamie-boy throwing a Christmas party that leads to sexytimez. It's 99 cents or free through Kindle Unlimited.

I don't plan on making the entire series available on KU, but this one is because I'm trying to reel in some new readers.  It is written with new readers in mind so there's gonna be a bit of backstory I wouldn't normally give in a new installment. Apologies for that, but the sex scene is pretty fun.

I think I'm going to re-do all the covers.  This new cover is a much cleaner design.

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"Goodenough" is a high fantasy romance based in the Kingless Lands Universe. (Also containing "Barrendack" and "Dragon's Bride.")  It is the first of three inter-connected books.  The first already published books are stand-alone, though "Goodenough" mentions the events in both.

Nore Goodenough is a maid in Barrendack manor, but she has a secret: dragon blood runs in her veins. She is also the last of the Goodenoughs, who once ruled one of the twelve baronies in the Kingless Lands.  Milo Barrendack is not a Barrendack by blood--his mother had an affair with an unknown man.  He is a magician and recognizes the magic within Nore immediately.

Milo takes Nore on as an apprentice, even though she is too old and a woman.  He brings her back to his home which sits on the edge of Goodenough land, now ruled by the wicked Gault (who is planning war against Milo's benefactor, Lord Rockbell).

As Nore's magic (and her love for Milo) blossoms she longs to take control of her lost destiny and take back her family's lost land, but when her chance finally comes will love and duty prevent her from fighting for her home?

This is a 37,000 word novella (yep--a long one!) and will be listed as fantasy romance.  Don't worry though--it still contains graphic sex scenes.

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