Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Release! "Scarlet and the Wolf"

Little Red Riding Hood has always been a disturbing story for me, what with the eating people and claustrophobia of being stuck inside a wolf's stomach.  There are versions of the story where Red and her grandmother are not saved by a passing huntsman, and other versions where the wolf makes Red strip and climb into bed with him before devouring her.

The sexual implication is there, suggesting the story is about predators of a different sort than wild animals.

Anyway, while I would have liked to have written a dark story, it didn't turn out that way at all.  Unlike my last release, Snowdrop, this is a happy story with love and romance and all that, though it may not appear to be so from the start. This one definitely falls into the category of erotica instead of romance.  Enjoy!

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Book Description:
Scarlet has always gone after exactly what she wanted, like the rich and powerful Hal Forrester. She gives him everything, and in return...she is tricked away, sent on an errand to Granny Gertie's house instead of waiting at home for his proposal of marriage. The woods are dark and dangerous--girls have gone missing. Scarlet hurries to return to Hal, but a man waits for her at Granny's. He's not like other men...he's not even human. Ochre is seeking a mate, and Scarlet is exactly what he wants.

This short story is M/F shifter erotica. It is 6,000 words long.

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