The Kingless Lands Series

The Kingless Lands is a universe made up of bits and pieces of various fantasy stories spanning most of my adult writing career.  The earliest bits are the characters of Milo and Danger, who first started appearing way back in 2005.  The characters as they are now (you will meet them in Goodenough) are very different from their original forms.

Right now there are three books available. There will be at least 5 books when all is said and done, but maybe more. Three of the books, "Goodenough," "The Fall of Gault," and "The Queen of the Kingless Lands" will be an interconnected trilogy of sorts.

M/F. 6,000 words.
A standalone Beauty and the Beast-esque story about a virgin sacrifice and a shape-shifting dragon. This is a stand-alone romantica story.  The character of Ithel appears again in "Goodenough" (briefly) and "The Queen of the Kingless Lands."

M/M/F. 15,000 words.
Standalone. Giselle of Stillwater travels to Barrendack for an arranged marriage.  When her father falls ill and she discovers two prospective husbands in the form of identical twins, things get complicated.  Contains light m/m twincest.  The characters of Giselle, Mary, and the Barrendack family all appear in "Goodenough."

M/F. 36,000 words
Nore is only a servant in the Barrendack household, but she is a descendant of Lady Leticia Goodenough and Caerwyn the Terrible, the dragon responsible for overthrowing the royal family 500 years before.  Nore's magical abilities, and her heart, are kindled by dragon-blooded wizard Milo, Lord Barrendack's half-brother.

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