Thursday, August 29, 2013

Deadly Liaisons PRINT Pre-order

Info about the Deadly Liaisons series can me found HERE. (Watch the book trailer--I paid $20 for it.)

This is the ordering page for Deadly Liaisons print volume 1.  The book is 168 pages and consists of the first three stories in the Deadly Liaisons series.

The pre-order period for autographed copies is from now to 9-15. They do not cost any more than non-signed copies. On 9-15 I will order the books from the printer and ship them to you as soon as I get them. *Update: I've ordered a dozen books. I have a few extras if you would like an autographed copy. Buttons to order are at the bottom of the page. The book costs $7.50. Packing and shipping will be $3.25 if you order an autographed copy.

The book is being printed by Amazon Create Space.  The reason I went with this printer is not because I feel they turn out the best product (they dont), but because I want to be able to offer this book to the reader at the lowest cost possible. Createspace is cheap, but it's not perfect. While the book is well put together (its not going to fall apart) and the interior is almost perfect, the cover is not ideal. It looks great from a few feet away but slightly blurry close up (still completely readable though). The spine is also not perfectly aligned to the cover art. I have spoken to Createspace at length and fought with my graphics for hours and what the solution boils down to is, "use our covers if you want it to look good." I think I will take imperfect graphics over a generic/badly designed cover.

Sadly other printers cost more than twice as much per copy, meaning if I wanted any money at all from my books I would have to charge you an arm and a leg, and then only like, one person would buy my book and I will have wasted god knows how many hours designing this thing. :-) So I hope you will forgive my imperfect cover, so beautifully designed but poorly executed.

If you are a bookseller and would like to buy multiple copies, send me an email ( and we can work out a discount price.  Otherwise, order below:

Autographed Copy (USA only. Shipping late September) $7.50 + $3.25 s&h
Non-autographed copy (shipping now) $7.50 + $3.49 s&h

Non-autographed copy @ Amazon main store $7.13 + s&h
AMAZON  (note--I'll make more $ per copy if you buy directly from me or Createspace.  The book is available at overseas amazon stores as well--just do a search for "Leigh Wilder Deadly Liaisons")

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