Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vampires to Inspire

Guess what I've never seen? The Vampire Diaries. Or Trueblood. I'm not much of a fan for any vampire movie that's come out in the last ten years either, when it comes to that. I take my inspiration from the vampires of my youth, so to speak. I read all of LJ Smith's vampire books, and Christopher Pike's, and the lovely Anne Rice. I memorized The Lost Boys and you should see my Buffy scrap book, which I carried religiously for 4 years of high school.  Below is a list of vampires I consider the cream of the crop, which have definitely shaped how I write vampires.

None of these vampires are guilt-ridden, non-murdering, pitiful drama-queens
 like a lot of other vampires you may know. They have accepted their undead status and glorify in it.

Angelus (Buffy)
Not Angel--he's a pansy. Angelus.  No one does sadistic the way Angelus does.  Fond of torturing women into insanity before turning them into vampires, Angelus loves mind games. He is best known for horrifying audiences by killing Jenny Calender and traumatizing Giles with her dead body.  Also for turning Spike into a cuckold by getting it on with his lady.

David (The Lost Boys)
Keifer Sutherland plays a vampire that just wants to have fun and kill shit. He is the original Teenaged Vampire, a real embodiment of youth and immortality. Best known for practical jokes involving maggots, hanging out with a bunch of dudes at the beach and pulling off a mullet.  (No, this movie isn't gay at all....)  David takes having fun with your lack of conscience and immortality to new levels.

Claudia (Interview with the Vampire)
Played by 12 year old Kirsten Dunst in the movie Interview with the Vampire, this character was only like, 6 years old in the books when she was turned into a vampire. She takes creepy and wrong to new levels in her relationship with Louis, which is why I love her. Best known for keeping corpses as pets and the repetitive murder of her sire (unfortunately it's Lestat, and the man cannot be killed).  Claudia makes you feel not quite right about things even when you love her.

Evil Vampire Willow (Buffy)
AU Willow plays the role of psychotic sexual master so very, very nicely. Her one track mind of torture and fun are an inspiration to all that know her. Best known for being bisexual (and very into the idea of having sex with herself) and her one-liners like "Bored now" and "In my world there are people in chains and we ride them like ponies."  You can't get any kinkier than this and get away with it on television.

Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
Gary Oldman really brought sexy back to a tired tale. Dracula is the longest lasting literary vampire to date (fun fact--the first literary vampire, Carmilla, was a lesbian) and the vampire on which all vampires are based. They just don't keep making him movies because he's public domain--he was the first "sexy" monster after all. Best known for keeping multiple wives and stalking teenage girls.  He is classy and classic.

Lestat (Interview with the Vampire)
Lestat is a vampire among vampires, the most powerful, impossible to kill and impossible to resist.  Despite being only a few hundred years old he's fed off of every ancient and important vampire in his universe. The biggest Mary Sue ever written. Not that anyone cares.  Best known for being overtly gay, turning his mother into a vampire (Freud would have a field day), and becoming a rock star. Lestat is the embodiment of flamboyancy and everything that's right about being a vampire.


  1. Great vampires! Angelus is the best thing ever. And I totally agree about these non-murdering, pitiful new vampires. What's the point of being a vampire if you don't have fun and drink lots of blood?

  2. Gotta say - one of my personal faves was Frank Langella as Dracula. 1979, I think. HE was probably the first to portray the Count as seductively evil - in accordance with the emerging vision of the erotic vampire. I still try to catch it whenever its on the tube...