Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Release: Bloodlines

Bloodlines will be live in about 24 hours.  As soon as it is available I will post links.  IS LIVE!!!


Love, love, love this story. It has the feels for reals. And check out my lovely book trailer for the series.

As you know, book 1, Drain Me Dry is free in many markets (click here for a list). As a treat I'm reducing the price of Addicted to the Bite to 99 cents on Amazon and it will be FREE on Smashwords from the 15th to the 22nd.

Bloodlines Synopsis:
Damian owes his immortal life to his sire Marcello, and now he owes him money too.  To pay his debts Damian must board the Bloodlines Cruise Ship, which will sail to international waters where there is no law against turning humans into vampires. He must share his blood with one of Marcello's 'guests'--humans paying large amounts of money for the chance at immortality. Damian doesn't want to turn a stranger into a vampire. He doesn't know what he wants.

Jamie-boy is pissed off. Damian refuses to admit his love for Jamie-boy, and he begins to question whether or not it exists at all. To make it worse, Damian has been taken away by his beautiful sire for ten whole days. Jamie-boy doesn't give himself a chance to feel alone though, because an incubus named Trent is more than willing to be his new friend.

Loyalties and love are tested in this latest installment of the Deadly Liaisons series.

(Contains m/m sex, BDSM, violence)

Summer was coming to an end and the beginnings of fall chill stirred in the air once the sun went down. Jamie-boy was wearing a pair of very short cut-offs and a baggy black sweatshirt. He liked to wear as little clothing as possible around Damian because he liked the reaction he got from the old vampire. Somehow it was like the era of shorts and mini-skirts had never happened in Damian’s mind, because Jamie-boy often caught him staring at scantily clad people in public.

They walked up together. Jamie-boy was proud to be at the side of the city’s most important vampire. Everyone loved Damian, and he belonged to him. Everyone they passed in the bar would stop to look at them and say hello—sometimes Damian spent half the night just greeting people.

“Evening Damian,” the vampire working the door, Veronica, said.

“Everything going well tonight?” he asked.

“Lover’s Walk was late, but they’re setting up now,” she said, referring to the first decent band Damian had ever managed to book. As she and Damian spoke Jamie-boy’s attention wandered. His eyes scanned the street and grew wide at the large antique limousine driving towards them. It ignored the curb, pulling up onto the sidewalk in front of the door. Jamie-boy jumped and Damian pulled him back out of the way as it rolled to a stop feet from where they stood.

The vehicle had a giant chrome grill and round, buggy looking headlights resting on the front fenders. A large silver swan rested primly at the end of the hood. It was the kind of limousine Damian would ride in if Damian rode in a limo, which he never would. Grand displays were not a part of Damian’s personality. To Jamie-boy it was part of what made him so comfortable to be around. He could be ostentatious if he wanted to, but he wasn't. Aside from his car and the occasional suit worn to the bar he looked like everyone else, only his calm authority raising him a step above the other vampires in New Franklin.

The driver got out and opened the back door. A pinstriped leg stepped out of the limo, followed by the rest of a three piece suit and a silver-topped cane. The person connected to all this grandeur had to be a vampire, otherwise he was a kid younger than Jamie-boy with a real superiority complex.

The vampire was about Jamie-boy’s height, slim in the well-fitted suit and blood red tie. His dark chestnut hair fell loose around his shoulders and only his clothing gave away his gender. His face was androgynous and perfect with full lips, high cheekbones and dark eyes like pools of ink. He was too perfect to be real, beyond the celestial beauty Jamie-boy thought of when he looked at Damian. If Damian was an angel, this vampire was a god.

Jamie-boy glanced up at Damian. His blue eyes were locked onto the new stranger, who seemed to float across the sidewalk like he weighed nothing. “Damian?” Jamie-boy questioned. His vampire lover ignored him.

“Marcello. What are you doing here?” Damian demanded of the stranger.

"What? No 'hello, I missed you so?' I'm hurt."

"No you aren't," Damian. "Seriously, what are you doing here?" Jamie-boy looked at Damian, at the stranger and back to Damian again. His gaze on Marcello (whoever he was) was intense and unwavering. The stranger only raised his eyebrows, making Damian sigh with the same exasperation he often gave Jamie-boy. "Fine. Hello. I missed you so."

"That's better. So this is what my money paid for?" he asked, looking over the front of the building and it's shabby, smoke-stained bricks. Jamie-boy immediately felt defensive of the bar he had grown to love. The front door was beautiful heavy oak and the stained glass windows glowed with light from within. He thought it looked old-fashioned and lovely. This vampire didn't seem impressed.

"Damian," Jamie-boy said, grabbing at his hand.

"Not now Jamie-boy. Go inside, I'll be right there."

Jamie-boy pulled away, hurt. Veronica gave him a sympathetic nod as he went inside. He didn't like knowing that Damian was often with other people (humans mostly, as a precursor to a meal), but he always knew that he was the favorite. He spent more nights with Damian than without him, even if it was just a short hello before he went in to work the night shift at the Taco King. But this Marcello was different. Damian watched him like he was everything. Maybe he was. “It’s nothing,” Jamie-boy tried to convince himself. “Just because he’s so beautiful doesn't mean anything.”

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