Friday, March 20, 2015

New Release and FREE Story

My muse is not dead, just severely injured.  Winter took its toll on me in a bad way, but after many struggles I present to you, "Angel in a Cage."

Those who know me know I'm not afraid of writing something unusual (Battle of the Dragon Slayer is doing well this month, btw) and this one is definitely up there in the unusual ranks.  "Angel in a Cage" contains a gender-neutral intersexed character and is erotica.  This is a fantasy, mildly steampunk-esque piece and takes place in Karstenhaven, my struggling steampunk universe.  (It's been in my head in some form for about 5 years now but has yet to produce a fully actualized universe. Baby steps.)

So...intersexed character, and also this story involves having sex with a literal angel of the heavenly variety, so if that might rustle your jimmies you might want to skip this one, but I think I handled that in a fairly respectful manner.  I like playing with religion in stories anyway (there's some comments about the 'New Religion' in the Kingless Lands series too).

So, finally, "Angel in a Cage"
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Fancy and the Mechanical Man, my other story set in the Karstenhaven universe, is currently FREE on Smashwords.

Description on Amazon:
Raymond travels to Karstenhaven for one thing only--magic. He finds it in Pandora's auction house, where he buys an angel in a cage. But what does one do with a caged angel? The angel--Cassiel--is vague on the morality of owning an angel and equally vague in their own wants and desires. Cassiel calls Raymond 'Master', but can he really enslave a heavenly being?

This is an 18+ erotica short. It is 7,000 words long. It contains fantasy sex with an intersexed character.

Raymond’s heart pounded as he approached. He placed his palm on Cassiel’s shoulder and let out a breath. The angel’s skin was warm and soft. Raymond let his fingers slide over Cassiel’s delicate collar bones. He moved closer, caressing the angel’s neck and face.

Cassiel closed their eyes and drew in a sharp breath, lips parting slightly. Raymond wanted to devour those lips. So many new feelings, and he was certain they would probably send him to hell. He wanted to push Cassiel on the floor, to touch every inch of skin, to delve into every orifice. He could do it. Cassiel belonged to him. Raymond had every right to possess the angel’s body.

The thought scared him, but he was far from home, family and church--he wasn’t even sure he had seen a church since arriving in Karstenhaven. “Cassiel?” he said in a hoarse whisper. “Am I going to hell for owning you?”

“You did not purchase me with the intent to cause harm.”

“I’m not entirely sure why I did it at all.”

“The auction house is a strange place. I was there for several weeks before they brought my cage out to be sold. I think they were waiting for you. You were meant to buy me tonight.”

“Is there no such thing as free will then?”

“Yes. But fate is its fickle bedmate.”

Another rush of lust at the word ‘bedmate.’ Raymond ran his fingers over Cassiel’s soft lips. “Do angels have sex?”

“I never have.”

“Not once in thirteen billion years?”

Cassiel smiled beneath Raymond’s fingers. “No.”

“But you have to do as I say, right?”

“Do you mean to rape me, Master?”

Raymond winced at the word. “That, I imagine, is a hell-worthy offense.”


Raymond sighed and stepped away from Cassiel. “It’s late. I'm going to bed."

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