Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FREE: The Summoner and the Satyr

"The Summoner and the Satyr" is free for a whopping 3 days, because I gotta use up my KDP select days before I add this to my Smashwords page.  So if you're up for some sloppy creature sex, this is definitely for you.

CLICK HERE to download from Amazon US.  Also available on amazon anywhere else you happen to be. Just do a search for Leigh Wilder, or there's an link to the right.

Amazon blurb:
Stepping away from the Romantica genre, Leigh Wilder writes a short erotic fantasy of pure lust.

Asyra is a Summoner, bringing forth creatures from other worlds to do her bidding. Since taking a position as a professor at the Dracon School of Magic she hasn't had a man, and as she lusts over her students she knows she's getting desperate. Asyra decides to summon the most sexual of beings--a satyr--to sate her growing needs. Can she handle the masculine beast, or has she taken on more than she can handle?

This is a 3,000 word short story in the PWP (porn without plot) genre. It contains rough sex, sex with sentient fantastical creatures, and anal.

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