Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Print Release/Mailing List News

Hi everyone!  So here's the dealie-o. Deadly Liaisons Vol. 1 is going to be coming out in PRINT this summer. I knows, blows your mind, doesnt it? Right now I'm working on formatting, getting a final editing job done (edits will include no major changes, just grammar, typos, and I wanna smooth out a few random sentences). Here is the beautiful cover!  Nice, huh? I think its kinda manga-ish.

SO. I want everyone who likes Deadly Liaisons to buy the print version (it will be $7 or less, plus shipping), give it to friends, that sort of thing.  There will be special gifts! Firstly, I will autograph them and there will be a special bookmark with pictures of the characters on them (Damian, Jamie-boy, Marcello). I wanted to do three separate trading cards but its not in my printing budget. Maybe if the series really takes off.

I'm not sure when all of this stuff will be ready, so I wanted to put together a mailing list so I can just contact everyone directly. I'm trying to find a way to put a form on here, but I'm feeling rather Luddite-like lately.  (For the record, when I was in high school I could have coded an entire website by hand--times they are a-changing.)  There's a form on your right, or you can email me with the info below.

Send me an email here: leighwilder000@gmail.com [those are zeroes, not 'O's, btw] It can be blank, just type something along the lines of "Join Mailing List" in the subject. I will figure it out. :)  If you want to tell me how awesome I am in the body, that would be cool too.

What will you get with this amazing mailing list? I'll give you a code for smashwords to get "Addicted to the Bite" for 99 cents (thats 30% off!) just for signing up. Once I have 25 people I will give away one free *ebook* copy of Deadly Liaisons Vol 1. I will write a free story *just* for mailing list participants once I'm up to 50 people (so get your friends to join).  The mailing list will get extra excerpts from new releases.  You will be informed when the print book is available, and Deadly Liaisons #4: Bloodlines. (I've started it and am planning a late august, early september release.)

There will be more too, much more. So drop me a line, get your friends to join.

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