Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Release: Club Midnight

It's finally here! Despite depression and forgetful beta readers, "Club Midnight" is finally launching. Now, you have two options to buy "Club Midnight".  If you're already a fan of the series, you can download just Club Midnight for $2.99 (yes, we have made it into the 70% royalty rate!).  If you're new to the series you can save 50 cents on all 3 stories by downloading Deadly Liaisons vol 1, which includes Drain Me Dry, Addicted to the Bite, and Club Midnight for $3.99.  Drain Me Dry is still FREE to try out the series first.

Also, a print version of the 3 collected stories is in the works. It will be pretty cheap (less than $7.00 I hope) and if you order it directly from me I'll sign it and have other IRL goodies to go with it. (A kickstarter might be involved.) I'm still fussing with formatting and cover options. If you wanna vote on whether or not to go with the designs I've been using, or something else, there is a poll on the right.

So, links:

#1 Drain Me Dry (FREE download)

#3 Club Midnight

Deadly Liaisons vol 1

Description from Amazon:
Jamie-boy and Damian are settling into an odd life together, but money troubles force Damian to ask for assistance from his sire. While he's away Jamie-boy is introduced to Club Midnight, a sadistic sex club catering to Daybreak, the anti-vampire group responsible for the destruction of Damian's bar.

What Jamie-boy sees there ignites a passion in him, but there's more to Club Midnight than kinky sex. The leader of Daybreak is cruel and manipulative and the fledgling vampires of New Franklin are in over their heads without Damian. Lives are at stake, but can Jamie-boy and Damian rescue their people, bring down Club Midnight, and still have time to get it on?

Contains: graphic m/m sex, BDSM (bondage, flogging, blood-letting, CBT, toys, spanking, and more), graphic violence and abuse.

Overhead the banging of hammers and the whirling sound of power tools made Damian’s ears ring and the stench of smoke refusing to leave his office addled his senses. The figures swam on the papers in front of him as he tried to squeeze just a little more money from empty accounts. It wasn't very often that his emotions got the better of him, but bringing his club back from the dead…it was stressful.
Damian closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. Whatever had possessed him to think that he could run a coven of vampires without trouble? Ten years he had been in charge, and things had only gotten worse with every one of them. He needed a vacation.

He heard the door open and footsteps on the stairs leading down to his basement office. Jamie-boy appeared, dropping a backpack on the floor next to the door. It was summer now. The long daylight hours were annoying, but the views…Jamie-boy wore short-shorts and a black tank top. The clean white bandages he wore around both wrists were more of a vamp tramp fashion statement than anything else. The only wounds they covered were the old scars from the months-past vampire attack. Jamie-boy had gotten over his humiliation of almost getting killed, and wore the scars with pride. He was sucking on a rainbow colored Popsicle as he entered the room.

“Come here, Jamie-boy,” he said. When the teenager wasn't being needy he was excellent company—especially when his mouth was full. Jamie-boy crossed the room and sat on the edge of the desk. Damian rested a hand on his lover’s thigh.

“What are you doing?” Jamie-boy asked. He ran his tongue up the length of the Popsicle and sucked hard on the tip. Damian felt his cock harden in his jeans and he clutched at Jamie-boy’s thigh. Jamie-boy grinned, knowing how he affected the old vampire.

 “Business things,” Damian replied. His hand casually skated across Jamie-boy’s crotch. “I found a man with the antique ceiling tiles I want, but the price…”

“Why don’t you just throw some cheap drop ceilings up there?” Jamie-boy suggested. “My dad has a friend who will do it on discount.”

Damian sighed. “I do not want my club to look cheap.” The insurance company hadn't even given him enough money to repair the structural damage the fire had caused to Sanguine Moon, let alone replace all of the antique fixtures and furniture. Between repairing the building and keeping his job-less people afloat, the Daybreak attack had been devastating. His wealth was finite…and gone.

“I’m sorry,” Jamie-boy said. He tossed his melting confection into the wastepaper basket. “What can I do?” He hopped down from the desk and Damian grabbed him by the waistband of his shorts, pulling him over. Jamie-boy grinned and straddled him in the chair. “You need a break.”

“Yes,” Damian muttered, burying his face in Jamie-boy’s neck and breathing in the smell of tantalizing human flesh. His fangs itched to unsheathe, but he resisted the urge to bite. Instead he kissed and nibbled, and Jamie-boy thrust his hips in Damian’s lap, the friction inciting erections for both parties.
Jamie-boy slid off Damian’s lap to unbutton his shorts and pull them off. His skin glowed nearly as pale as a vampire’s, but he wasn't quite as skinny any more. He’d had a birthday in the four months since they met and he was twenty. His age couldn't be perceived by the human eye, but sometimes Damian felt like his youth was slipping away at an alarming rate. Humans were always growing older. They could never be truly young. But Damian didn't dwell on the future.

 He watched Jamie-boy undress with a sexual hunger. Blood and sex. He could never get enough of either. Fortunately neither could Jamie-boy. Damian didn't need to tell Jamie-boy to bend over on the desk—he took the submissive pose naturally, raising his ass in the air and spreading his legs. Damian ran a hand over each round cheek, giving Jamie-boy a playful smack on each.

Jamie-boy pretended to be affronted. “What was that for?”

“I’m sure you’ll do something exasperating at some point,” Damian said and this was true. The young man could get clingy. “Consider those your warning spanks.”

Smiling, Jamie-boy wiggled his ass invitingly. Damian spit into his hand and slid his palm between those soft, perfect cheeks, finding Jamie-boy’s tight opening and receiving an appreciative moan from the boy. He liked to make noise and Damian liked to hear it. He pushed one finger into the boy’s willing ass, stroking and opening him up gently before adding another.

There were other lovers Damian liked to be rough with—human and vampire alike. But with Jamie-boy he felt a tenderness he wasn't sure he had experienced since his death. Even if he was purposely hurting Jamie-boy, cutting or biting him to get to the sweet, sweet blood in his veins, he was never rough or harsh. Maybe it was the way Jamie-boy flinched whenever Damian raised his voice around him, or the way he seemed to disappear into himself when Damian was angry, even though that anger was rarely focused on him. Maybe he just cared for him a little bit more than he did anyone else, but Damian didn't dwell on it.

The time they spent together was pure joy, and that was all that mattered.

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